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Lucky has had a real bad run of luck, and we are trying to help him get better, please donate to help this amazing dog recover from this injury and share his story so we can give him the happily ever after he deserves once he has recovered!

Lucky came into our organization in August of 2017. He had lived his entire life on a big log chain with nothing but a round dirt pit to live in. Once he was rescued, BHS determined that he was positive for heart worms. This parasite is transmitted by mosquitos and can be easily prevented, but his previous owner didn't know or care about prevention which ultimately put Lucky in grave danger. Without treatment heartworm disease will cause heart failure and death in a year or two, BHS determined the only course of action would be to treat his heartworms. This treatment can be risky and is costly, but BHS said "only the best for this sweet boy" and made it happen.
He has been here looking for his forever home ever since then and always seems to get overlooked for the younger, cuter, different colored, non-bully breed dogs. This last summer Lucky started limping and while a short course of pain medication seemed to help, it came back again this winter. With the help of our amazing veterinarians, it has been determined that Lucky has partially torn the cruciate ligament in one knee and completely torn the ligament in the other! If you know of anyone, or have personally had an acl repaired, you can understand that this must be incredibly painful, and yet this sweet goofy boy still loves life and wants to run and play fetch and tug. Beatrice Humane Society is commited to helping Lucky get the medical care that he needs and ultimately recover so that he can get the forever home he deserves. "Only the best for this sweet boy"

Just some details: We have located a veterinarian who will complete both cruciate repairs at the same time for $3500. We will also need to complete some pre-op and post op care and transport him to and from that veterinarian. Doing both procedures at once will complicate his recovery some as he will be unable to rely on the strength of the second knee while healing, however with a partially torn ligament on one side, and completely torn one on the other, it was going to be a challenge either way. His recovery will be 8-12 weeks in a foster home where he will be cage rested with daily physical therapy, though it may be a couple of additional months where he will need slow reintroductions to all things he will want to do like stairs, sprinting and climbing on things. Our shelter manager has agreed to foster him, help him learn good house manners like potty training and appropriate behaviors around cats and dogs during this recovery. She also promises to keep everyone updated on his surgery and recovery. Follow us here on facebook to see updates as they arrive.

"Only the best for this sweet boy"

Donate or share to help us make Lucky the luckiest dog alive!

Nutrition impacts every area of our lives, including our ability to live altruistically for others. So let's dive into how you can celebrate National Nutrition Month.

Even if you care about a cause, how can you ensure you're a good fit for the position? Here are some ideas to help you find the right fit for volunteering.

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