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Improving year over year is our constant goal. We make it a part of our mission to be open about all of our struggles, challenges and achievements. Each year we participate with Shelter Animals Count to ensure our numbers are available for the public to see. Some shelters hide behind labels and numbers, we don't. We can stand here and say with confidence, every animal in our care gets access to the medical and behavioral care necessary to be able to be placed for adoption. On an annual basis, we euthanize less than 3% of all animals coming into our organization which is especially challenging as we are an open admission shelter for our community. We are committed to saving every animal we can in a transparent fashion. We welcome any additional questions you may have about our shelter and how we save lives. 

If you're a data junkie like us, please feel free to take a look at our numbers from 2017-2022. We are committed to making 2023 even better! 


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