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Working Cats

We occasionally take in cats that do not conform to behaviors of the average indoor companion cat.  These cats have demonstrated higher independence needs and less tolerance for human contact than most pet cats and often thrive in non-traditional settings such as barns, grain storage facilities, vineyards, warehouses or garden centers.  Working cats are valued for their alert personalities and prey drive- or as we like to think of it- work ethic!

These working cats will head off to the job spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and fully vetted at no charge, donations are always welcome!


To “hire” a working cat, the new guardian must be able to provide the following:

*An accessible indoor area that provides protection from the elements.

*Access to fresh water and kibble daily.

*Future veterinary care as needed


Working cats provide many benefits beyond just controlling the mice. Did you know a small population of healthy, spayed/neutered and vaccinated cats will act as a barrier to ward off injured, ill, and intact animals. This cuts down on cats fighting, spraying and can completely eliminate the instances of kittens "just showing up." Having a small number of altered animals not only solves most of the common outdoor cat complaints, but it is also the best humane population control methods we have. Please call or email us if you have any additional questions about the benefits of having working cats. 

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