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Special Cats

September is National Happy Cat Month, and the Beatrice Humane Society wants to remind you that having a cat in your life is always wonderful. Being able to give an animal love and a home that doesn’t have it is such an amazing thing! It hard to believe that there are millions of cats that get euthanized in the United States yearly simply for not having a home. Many of these cats that undergo euthanasia are elderly or special needs cats. A cat is considered a senior when they are 11+ years old. Special needs cats can have a variety of needs ranging from amputation, blindness, diabetes, FIV, and many others. Although at times senior cats and special needs cat can be a little extra work, they will bring so much love and enjoyment to your family. And remember, you are literally saving their lives!

My daughter adopted a 2-year-old cat in November 2020, she saw her picture on her local shelters website and she knew that she was going to bring her home. Nova was not just an ordinary cat; she had been through some major trauma and struggles. Nova was shot with a shotgun which a buckshot shattered her wrist and left 3 lodged within her side and ribs. When the shelter found her, she had been walking on her shattered wrist for what they predict 3-4 weeks. She eventually had her front right leg removed from the extensive damage. When my daughter first went to meet her, she did not want anything to do with humans. Nova hid for weeks and hissed at everything in the house that moved. My daughter said it was a tough challenge, but she was patient and let Nova do things on her time. 2 years later, Nova is the happiest, playful, energetic, and loving cat around their house. Her missing leg never slows her down and she is the one wanting to torment all the other cats. It has been so beautiful and rewarding to watch her grow and I know it has been one of my daughter’s favorite experiences. Many times special needs cats still have the same spunk as any other cat, they just need a little help along the way.

My husband and I recently brought a senior cat into our lives, who was at the shelter for 8 months. Ry had his teeth removed and has some allergies, but he is the biggest love bug and brings so much energy into our house. He loves to jump on your shoulders and hang out with you, cuddle up as you watch tv, and loves to run around and play. So many people pass up on senior cats for younger kittens and young adults. I now can’t imagine passing up Ry for any other cat. He has become a part of our family! A huge benefit to adopting senior cats is that they often come into a home already housetrained, have good manners, and a great temperament.

Please consider adopting a special needs or senior cat, the Beatrice Humane Society may have a few options to choose from! Before you do, please look at accommodations that they might need, medication expenses, vet expenses, or something special for their environment. Adopting and saving a senior or special needs cat is one of the most rewarding experiences and they often have so much love to give. Get ready to have a happier household with their addition to the family!!

If you are not ready to adopt right now, consider making a donation in support of the Beatrice Humane Society as one of the local non-profit organizations participating in the 2022 Big Give Gage. Big Give Gage is a community-wide day of giving, this year it is scheduled for Thursday, September 8, 2022. More about the event can be found on the website,


First published by Beatrice Daily Sun:

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