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Furry Friends Forever Memorial Page

If you would like to memorialize your pet below please click here: Furry Friend Forever Donation

No longer by our side, but the footprints in our hearts will last forever

Athena: Athena entered my life like a hurricane as an unwanted, untrained and slightly crazy puppy and quickly became my trusted copilot in life. She will never be forgotten. Loved by Carlee Fiddes

Joshua, Ryder & Sophie: Forever in out Hearts. Loved by Doris and Greg Buttell

Niles: Precious Friend. Loved by Tom and Connie Turner

Family Pets. Loved by Hal and Bette Anne Thaut

Bogie, Thor, Boone, Monte, Balto and Cali. Loved by Kathleen and Chuck Hubka

Odell: Part of our Family 2001-2008 & Still Loved. Loved by Charles and Kathy Lamback

Dewitt: Part of our Family 2003-2019 & Still Loved. Loved by Charles and Kathy Lamback

Wilber: Part of our Family 2008-2019 & Still Loved. Loved by Charles and Kathy Lamback

Hubbell: Part of our Family 2002-2013 & Still Loved. Loved by Charles and Kathy Lamback

Taylor and Fred: Love you Always. Loved by Melba Engel

Bucky, Oggie & Daisy: Good Dogs! Loved by Jimmy and Carol Shelbourn

Molly Brown: Forever near my heart. Loved by Mable Austin

Ebie: Loved by John and Barb Rypma

Pets Loved by Sharon Bellamy

Pets Loved by Darrell & Marilyn McMahon

Pets Loved by A. Wiest

Pets Loved by Gene and Fran Martin

Quincy, Jacanz, Boots and Abbie Fetty: Forever in our Heart. Loved by Al & Rose Fetty

Shasta: Forever Loved by the Kaufman Family

Taffy: Taffy was a patient, sweet natured kitty. Loved by Margaret Haith

Beau loved by Barry & Ann Luers

Nitro, Shadow, Molly and Charlie. Loved by Kristy Thober-Rohr

Treasure, Gracie and Suzie loved by Pam Menke

Titus and Tiarra: Brother and Sister, Much Loved Collies. Loved by Roger and Dianne Aveyard



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