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  • Why are you building a new building?  Our current animal shelter has served us well for 15 years. There are, however, many inadequacies including poor ventilation between sick and healthy animals, difficulty separating aggressive animals, housing large animals in small kennels and no room for outside animal runs. 
  • Why not use an existing building and renovate? While there are numerous buildings in the area, none have the combination of adequate interior or outdoor space to fit our needs. Additionally, the cost to retrofit an existing building is cost prohibitive. 
  • Will the shelter continue to euthanize animals? As an open door shelter, which takes in all animals, we sometimes get animals who are very sick, fail temperament testing or who are under legal order to euthanize. In those cases, yes we will continue to humanely euthanize those animals. We take pride in successful adoptions and will strive to keep our euthanasia rate far below the national average. 
  • What is the capacity of the new building versus the old? The Beatrice Humane Society currently handles 800-900 animals per year. As a result, animals are routinely housed in overcrowded conditions. While it is not our intent to increase the number of animals typically housed, the new building will allow the animals to be house in space appropriate conditions.
  • What expanded opportunities can be offered with this new facility and how will that impact the operational budget? We will be able to provide educational opportunities for the community in our conference room. Because of the increased efficiencies of the new facility, it is estimated that the impact on our operational budget will be minimal.
  • What is your campaign goal? We are off to a great start! The 5.3 acres of land have already been donated and we have also received $687,500 from estates and private donors. In addition, we have been awarded a $59,025 grant from the Thomas Foundation for fencing. We are seeking an additional $600,000 to complete both the building, furnishings and to maintain an operational reserve. There are always uncertainties and unexpected surprises when opening a new facility and we want to ensure those are covered. A small reserve is included in our overall goal to cover such contingencies.


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