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Dear Friends,

It is an exciting time for the Beatrice Humane Society! Many people in our community have been anticipating the building of a new animal shelter that will serve lost and homeless animals in Beatrice and Gage County.

The current Beatrice Animal Shelter, located at 300 Ella Street, has provided space for the past 15 years, but is now too small. Additional space is needed to isolate ill animals and those under observation, to provide exercise runs and to more humanely house kennels and cages. The new facility will be larger but more importantly, it will be more efficient.

Five acres of land have been donated west of Beatrice near Southeast Community College as the building site. A major bequest, a major donation and a sizable grant have been donated to the project. However, an additional $600,000 needs to be raised to realize the dream of this new shelter and to secure necessary operational reserves.

The newly formed Gage County Humane Society Foundation is the affiliated capital holder for the Beatrice Humane Society. We are offering donors the opportunity to be a designated "FOUNDER" for this endeavor with a gift of $5,000 or more. Those who donate at the FOUNDER level will be recognized on a wall in the lobby of the new building. Giving opportunities to name rooms in the new shelter are also available for additional donations.

Yes, this is an exciting time for our community, animal lovers and all the animals that this organization serves. We hope you will join us as we "Raise the Woof" of a new Beatrice Animal Shelter. Please read the enclosed "Frequently Asked Questions" tab and consider how you would like to be a part of the dream. A pledge card will also be posted in an additional tab for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact John Rypma at 402-239-0420 or one of the Capital Campaign Committee members. Thank you for your consideration.

Capital Campaign Committee

John Rypma, Chairman                          Jimmy Shelbourn
Elsie Caspers                                             Jim Stanosheck
Leigh and Marilyn Coffin                        Ron Sutter
Connie Harmon                                        Dr. Hal and Bette Anne Thaut
Deanne Caspers Moon                           Dennis Wells

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