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The Beatrice Humane Society offers burial services for companion animals such as dogs, cats and other small animals. 

What to Do to Use Burial Services:

1) You drop off your beloved deceased companion at The Beatrice Humane Society or your local vet during business hours. 

2)  During the drop off you will fill out our burial form with the pet and owners information.

3) Price is based upon size of your companion animal, here are the base prices:

Small/Exotic Pets- $50.00

Dogs/Cats- 0-15 pounds $70.00

Dogs/Cats- 15-25 pounds $80.00

Dogs/Cats- 26-40 pounds $90.00

Dogs- 41-75 pounds $105.00

Dogs- Over 75 pounds $125.00

4) You provide payment for the services (check, cash, credit card)  and we schedule a pick up of your animal for the burial.  We will send you out a conformation of the burial and what location your pet has been buried. 



The Beatrice Humane Society does not provide cremation services at this time. However, Blue Valley Vet conveniently located next door to us does.

A link their website:         Phone number:402-228-3475

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